About Me

Hi there, welcome. I am Peter Goes. An Amsterdam (The Netherlands) based digital mediadeveloper, and this is my portfolio. I develop and/or create concepts for websites, web apps and mobile apps. On the side I do some VJing, but what really makes my heart beat a little bit faster is creative coding and physical computing. On this website my work is divided into these three areas, namely Development, VJing and Creative coding.

At the moment I am a Front-End Developer at De Voorhoede in Amsterdam. We at De Voorhoede are front-end specialists. So we create fast and reliable webapps and websites.
I invite you to take a look around and find out more about my work un till now, background, interests, vision and complete biography. Enjoy!



The development section shows websites and (mobile) applications which I created when working for Qlvr or for private clients. These were create in a team or alone, depending the situation. In almost all of these projects I also contributed to the conceptualization and interaction design of the website/app.

Creative Code

The creative coding section contains the work and experiments which I make when expressing myself through technology.  For me ‘creative coding’ is the use of a computer, interface, physical device or an other kind of hacked hardware / software, to create pieces of art. Hacking (white hat that is) falls most definitely in this category.



VJing is the art of life video mixing, during club nights, festivals or in collaboration with bands. The work shown in this category are documentations of VJ-shows I did in collaboration with other VJs or on my own.


Peter is one of the most reliable people I've worked with. He's pragmatic and has a very sharp eye for what his customer is looking for. His work is always on time and often even early!

Douwe van der Werf, Creative Director & Producer at Mr. Lee

Peter is a positive, dedicated av designer. His strength lies in simple solutions for graphical problems. Always with good reference to the projects requirements.

Wim Jongedijk, Filmmaker, Writer